Worked to Create and Keep Good Jobs

As a state legislator, Senator Huff focused on creating and keeping good jobs. He understands we need a healthy, robust private sector to help support essential government services.

For his efforts, he earned 100% ratings from the California Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, and the California Manufacturers Association.

As a Principal of Huff Strategies, Senator Huff is still focused on creating and keeping good jobs, and is ready to help you with your business goals.

Keeping Neighborhoods Safe

Senator Huff is a strong proponent of keeping our neighborhoods safe. 

He Co-authored Jessica’s Law to keep sex offenders from living within 2000 feet of a school or park to keep our children safe from sexual predators.

Supported SB 105 to help keep 10,000 dangerous felons in prison and out of our neighborhoods.

Supported Chelsea’s Law (AB 1844-2010) to increase penalties for those who commit sexual crimes against minors.  Chelsea’s law increases monitoring of parolees including GPS monitoring for life.

Supported SB 838 (2014) to crack down on minors who rape an unconscious or developmentally disabled victim.

Authored AB 175 to require law enforcement departments to draft a policy for use of body cameras.

Authored AB 1145 to allow authorities to seize vehicles used in felony-level graffiti crimes and fund graffiti abatement via the sale of impounded vehicles.

Authored SB 1136 so that government organizations could share information on the criminal history of potential foster care providers.

Sadly, neighborhoods are coming under assault again as thousands of felons who used to spend time behind bars, no longer do so as a result of AB 109 and Proposition 47, two measures Senator Huff did not support. Our homeless increase is also tied to these laws, as drug addicts have been released from jails and prisons, but are no longer mandated to seek treatment.

Relieving Traffic Congestion

Honored by Mobility 21 for his leadership on regional transportation issues.

Worked to relieve L.A. County traffic congestion and safety by funding bridges and underpasses at rail crossings in the Alameda Corridor East.

Former President of the Foothill Transit Executive Board

Founding Chairman and Executive Board Member of the Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority.

Worked with Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to obtain Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration funding to relieve congestion in Southern California.

Reforming Government

Fighting Government Waste

When the economy soured, Bob requested a 5% reduction of his Senate salary, turned in his Senate district gas card and gave up state-issued car.

Supported SCA 8 to outlaw pay increases for state politicians during times when the state is running a deficit.

Supported AB 309 to remove local government officials who have been indicted or convicted from commissions that assign government contracts for public works.

Authored ACA 1 to prevent legislation from being passed without sufficient scrutiny by ensuring the public has at least three days to review proposed legislation.

Supported welfare reform (AB X 4 8) to help save billions of dollars while protecting programs for children, elderly and the disabled.

Helped enact AB X4 20 to save millions of tax dollars by eliminating boards and commissions.

Improving Education

Worked across party lines to help keep the middle class from being squeezed out of our public universities by cutting tuition at UC and CSUs by 40% for California families making under $100,000 a year and 10% for families making less than $150,000.

Principal co-author of SB 148 to restore the State’s commitment to Career Technical Education (CTE) by appropriating $600 million to a CTE incentive grant program for local school districts and regional occupational centers.

Authored SB 279 to require the California Teachers Commission to produce a teacher evaluation plan.

Lead author for the Open Enrollment Act (SBX5 4), inspired by President Obama’s Race to the Top competitive grant program. His groundbreaking legislation included the nationally recognized “Parent Trigger Act,” which empowers parents to organize and force major governance changes at local schools.  Signed into law.

Authored SB 597 to extend the 22 year running School District of Choice program, which fosters public school choice by allowing parents to transfer their children to participating school districts without a transfer agreement. Signed into law in 2015.

Improved Health Care Services

By supporting AB 415, Huff authorized greater use of technology to monitor heart and diabetes patients at home instead of in hospitals and helped save taxpayers over $1 billion.

Authored SB 151 (2011) that authorizes trained, non-medical school personnel to administer Diastat in an emergency situation to a student with epilepsy when suffering a severe, possibly life-threatening, seizure.  Signed into law.

Worked across party lines to provide full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to pregnant women who can’t afford care.

Helped ensure confidential medical information is protected.

Authored SB 1266 in 2014 requiring schools to store a supply of epinephrine for allergic reactions.  Authored SB 738 in 2015 as clean-up to SB 1266 because some physicians had been unwilling to write the standing order for this prescription to schools without liability protections.  This caused schools and school nurses trouble in complying with the law.  SB 738 provides limited liability for physicians writing these prescriptions.  Both bills signed into law.

Fighting for our Veterans

Helped put a bond on the ballot that will build housing for homeless veterans.

Authored SB 689 to improve mental health services for homeless veterans.

Supported AB 556 to prohibit employment discrimination against all active duty military and veterans.

Backed bipartisan efforts (AB 508) to help disabled veterans to care for their families.

Co-authored AB 2466 to eliminate the reduce taxes on veterans who open small business.

Leadership on Water Issues

Was one of the lead negotiators in the statewide water bond to build two new water storage facilities and help prevent future droughts.

Worked to provide $687 million to support drought relief, including bond funds for projects to help local communities more efficiently capture and manage water and funding for securing emergency drinking water supplies for drought-impacted communities.

Worked to Keep Taxes Down

Co-authored SB 5 to stop gas tax hikes of up to 76 cents/gallon from being implemented.

100% ratings from the California Taxpayers Association

Important Issues for Asian Community

Heritage Schools

Successfully authored SB 129 for Heritage Schools offering instruction in the culture, traditions, or history, and language of a country other than the United States, giving the after school programs a pathway toward legality through a registration program with the California Department of Education.

Lunar New Year

Introduced SCR 10 naming February 19, 2015 as the Asian Lunar New Year – Year of the Ram. 

Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

Introduced SCR 52 naming May 2015 as Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.

Asian American Students Equality in Higher Education

Introduced SR 28 by calling upon Harvard University to end its focus on a student applicant’s race in its student enrollment process and to instead consider the overall individual contribution of each student candidate in a manner that does not have the practical effect of capping the number of Asian American students enrolled in its institution.

Philippine Independence Day

Introduced SCR 74 to recognize June 12th as Philippine Independence